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how to purify cursed gear ghost of tsushima


In the video game “Ghost of Tsushima,” cursed gear can be a challenging aspect to manage. Cursed gear can have both positive and negative effects, and purifying it is essential to maximize its benefits. Here’s how you can purify cursed gear in the game:

  1. Locate a Shinto Shrine:
    • To purify cursed gear, you’ll need to visit a Shinto Shrine on the island of Tsushima. Shinto Shrines are marked on your map with a Torii gate icon.
  2. Travel to the Shinto Shrine:
    • Use your map or the Guiding Wind to navigate to the Shinto Shrine of your choice. There are several Shinto Shrines scattered across the island.
  3. Pray at the Shrine:
    • Once you reach the Shinto Shrine, approach the Torii gate and interact with it to pray. This action will allow you to purify your cursed gear.
  4. Select the Cursed Gear:
    • After praying, you’ll be presented with a list of your cursed gear in your inventory. Choose the cursed gear that you want to purify.
  5. Complete the Mini-game:
    • To purify the cursed gear, you will need to complete a quick mini-game. This typically involves rotating the left thumbstick or using the touchpad on your controller to match a pattern displayed on the screen. Successfully completing the mini-game will purify the gear.
  6. Collect Purified Gear:
    • Once the gear is purified, it will be added to your inventory as regular, non-cursed gear. This gear will have the same stats and attributes but without the negative curse effects.
  7. Equip the Purified Gear:
    • After purification, you can equip the purified gear from your inventory, replacing any existing cursed gear you had equipped.
  8. Repeat as Needed:
    • You can return to Shinto Shrines whenever you acquire new cursed gear or want to purify existing cursed gear. The process is the same each time.

Purifying your cursed gear is essential because it removes the negative effects, making the gear more beneficial for your character’s progression and combat capabilities. It allows you to use the gear without the drawbacks of the curse. Be sure to visit Shinto Shrines whenever you come across cursed gear to keep your inventory optimized for battles in “Ghost of Tsushima.”

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