how to register kunekune pigs


Registering Kunekune pigs is typically done through a recognized pig breed association or registry. These organizations maintain breed standards and pedigrees for various pig breeds, including Kunekune pigs. Here are the general steps to register Kunekune pigs:

1. Choose a Breed Association:

  • Research and choose a reputable pig breed association or registry that recognizes Kunekune pigs. In the United States, the American Kunekune Pig Society (AKKPS) is a well-known organization for Kunekune pig registration.

2. Gather Necessary Information:

  • Obtain all the necessary information and documentation required for registration. This may include:
    • Your contact information.
    • The pig’s date of birth or age.
    • The pig’s name (if it has one).
    • The pig’s coloration and markings.
    • The names and registration numbers of the pig’s parents (if known).
    • Any health or vaccination records.

3. Microchip or Ear Tag Identification (if required):

  • Some breed associations may require microchipping or ear tagging of pigs for identification purposes. Check the specific requirements of the association you choose.

4. Contact the Breed Association:

  • Reach out to the selected breed association or registry. This can often be done through their website or by contacting their registration department directly.

5. Complete the Registration Application:

  • Fill out the registration application provided by the breed association. Be sure to provide accurate and complete information. Some associations may offer online registration forms, while others may require paper forms.

6. Provide Supporting Documentation:

  • Include any required documentation, such as photographs, pedigrees, or health records, as specified by the breed association. This documentation helps verify the pig’s eligibility for registration.

7. Pay the Registration Fee:

  • Pay the required registration fee, which varies depending on the association and the type of registration (e.g., full, limited, litter registration).

8. Submit the Application:

  • Submit the completed registration application, supporting documents, and payment to the breed association by mail, email, or through their online portal, following their specific submission guidelines.

9. Wait for Confirmation:

  • After you submit the registration application, the breed association will review it. This process may take some time, so be patient.

10. Receive the Registration Certificate: – Once your Kunekune pig’s registration is approved, you will receive a registration certificate from the breed association. This certificate serves as proof of your pig’s registration and may include important pedigree information.

11. Keep Records: – Maintain accurate records of your pig’s registration, including the certificate and any correspondence with the breed association. This information may be needed for future breeding or sales.

12. Participate in Breed Activities (Optional): – If you’re interested in showing your Kunekune pig or participating in breed-related events, consider becoming a member of the breed association and participating in their activities.

Registering Kunekune pigs with a recognized breed association helps preserve the breed’s integrity and provides documentation of your pig’s lineage and breed standards compliance. It’s essential to choose a reputable breed association and follow their specific registration requirements and procedures.

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