how to purify cursed gear ghost of tsushima legends


In “Ghost of Tsushima: Legends,” the cooperative multiplayer mode of the game, you can also encounter cursed gear. Purifying cursed gear in “Legends” is slightly different from the main game. Here’s how you can purify cursed gear in “Ghost of Tsushima: Legends”:

  1. Access the Blacksmith:
    • In “Legends,” you won’t be visiting Shinto Shrines to purify cursed gear. Instead, you’ll need to visit the Blacksmith, which serves as the primary hub for your character’s gear management.
  2. Complete Story or Survival Missions:
    • Play through Story or Survival missions to collect gear, including cursed gear. The cursed gear will have negative effects alongside its positive attributes.
  3. Visit the Blacksmith:
    • After completing missions, return to the Blacksmith by interacting with the marked icon on the map or in the village.
  4. Purify Cursed Gear:
    • At the Blacksmith, you can access your gear inventory. Find the cursed gear that you want to purify.
  5. Spend Honor to Purify:
    • In “Legends,” you need to spend Honor to purify cursed gear. Honor is a currency earned by completing missions and objectives. The amount of Honor required to purify a piece of gear depends on its rarity and power level.
  6. Confirm Purification:
    • Select the cursed gear you want to purify and confirm the action. The gear will be cleansed of its curse and will become regular gear with its positive attributes intact.
  7. Equip Purified Gear:
    • Once the gear is purified, you can equip it from your inventory and use it in your adventures.
  8. Repeat as Needed:
    • Continue to earn Honor and gather cursed gear as you progress in “Legends.” Visit the Blacksmith periodically to purify new cursed gear and enhance your character’s abilities.

Purifying cursed gear in “Ghost of Tsushima: Legends” allows you to enjoy the benefits of the gear without the negative curse effects, making your character more powerful and effective in multiplayer missions. Be sure to manage your gear and visit the Blacksmith regularly to optimize your loadout.

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