how to put a 2023 kia sportage in neutral


To put a 2023 Kia Sportage in neutral, you can follow these general steps. Please note that the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the model and transmission type of your Kia Sportage, so it’s essential to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for precise instructions. Here are the general steps:

  1. Start the Engine:
    • Ensure your Kia Sportage’s engine is running. You’ll need the engine running to shift into neutral.
  2. Apply the Brakes:
    • Press the brake pedal firmly with your foot to ensure the vehicle is safely stopped.
  3. Locate the Gear Shift Lever:
    • Identify the gear shift lever in your Kia Sportage. It’s typically located in the center console between the driver’s and front passenger seats.
  4. Engage the Gear Shift Lever:
    • Depending on the transmission type, the process may differ:

a. Automatic Transmission:

  • To put an automatic Kia Sportage in neutral, you typically follow these steps:
    1. Make sure the gear shift lever is in the “Park” position (P).
    2. Press the brake pedal.
    3. While keeping the brake pedal depressed, move the gear shift lever to the “N” (Neutral) position. This should disengage the transmission from the engine, allowing the vehicle to move freely in neutral.

b. Manual Transmission:

  • For a manual transmission Kia Sportage, shifting into neutral is relatively straightforward:
    1. Keep the clutch pedal (the leftmost pedal) fully depressed with your foot.
    2. Move the gear shift lever to the neutral (N) position.
  1. Verify Neutral Position:
    • Double-check that the transmission is indeed in neutral by gently releasing the clutch pedal (for manual transmission) or ensuring that the gear shift lever is in the “N” position (for automatic transmission). The vehicle should now be in neutral.
  2. Release the Brake:
    • Once you’ve confirmed that the vehicle is in neutral, you can safely release the brake pedal.
  3. Shift Back to Park or Drive (Automatic Transmission):
    • When you’re ready to shift out of neutral and back into “Park” or “Drive” (D), simply follow these steps:
  • Press the brake pedal.
  • Move the gear shift lever to the desired position (e.g., “Park” or “Drive”).
  1. Turn Off the Engine:
    • If you’re finished with your task or need to park the vehicle, ensure it’s in the appropriate gear (e.g., “Park” for automatic or “Neutral” for manual) and turn off the engine.

Always exercise caution when shifting your vehicle into neutral, especially while driving or towing. Make sure you fully understand your specific Kia Sportage’s transmission system by consulting the owner’s manual. Additionally, keep in mind that some vehicles may have safety mechanisms or requirements that must be met before shifting into neutral or changing gears.

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