how to register a trademark in colorado


Registering a trademark in Colorado, like registering a trademark in the United States, is a legal process that provides protection for your brand name, logo, or slogan within the state. Here are the steps to register a trademark in Colorado:

1. Determine Trademark Eligibility:

  • Ensure that the name, logo, or slogan you want to trademark is eligible for trademark protection. Trademarks generally protect distinctive and unique identifiers used in commerce.

2. Conduct a Trademark Search:

  • Before you apply for a trademark in Colorado, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough trademark search to check for existing trademarks that might conflict with yours. You can use the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database and the Colorado Secretary of State’s database for state-level trademarks.

3. Identify the Appropriate Class of Goods or Services:

  • Determine the class of goods or services that your trademark covers. The USPTO uses the Nice Classification system to categorize products and services. Be specific about the classes relevant to your business.

4. Create a Strong Trademark:

  • Develop a distinctive and unique trademark that sets your brand apart from others. A strong trademark is more likely to receive protection.

5. Register with the U.S. Trademark Office (Optional):

  • While federal registration with the USPTO provides broader protection, it’s optional. If you want federal protection, you can apply through the USPTO’s online filing system (TEAS). This step is separate from Colorado state registration.

6. File a Colorado Trademark Application:

  • Visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s website ( and locate the Business Division or Trademarks and Trade Names section. Follow the instructions for filing a trademark application. You’ll need to provide:
    • Your name and contact information.
    • A clear representation of the trademark.
    • A description of the goods or services associated with the trademark.
    • The class or classes of goods or services (referencing the Nice Classification system).
    • The date of first use in Colorado (if applicable).
    • A specimen showing the trademark as it is used in commerce.

7. Pay the Filing Fee:

  • Pay the required filing fee for your Colorado trademark application. The fee may vary depending on the type of filing and the number of classes you’re registering.

8. Wait for Examination:

  • The Colorado Secretary of State’s office will review your trademark application to ensure it complies with state regulations.

9. Respond to Office Actions (if necessary):

  • If the Colorado Secretary of State’s office has any questions or concerns about your application, you may need to respond to their requests for clarification or amendments.

10. Receive a Trademark Registration Certificate: – Once your trademark application is approved, you’ll receive a trademark registration certificate from the Colorado Secretary of State. This certificate provides evidence of your trademark’s registration in the state.

11. Enforce Your Trademark: – After registration, it’s your responsibility to monitor and enforce your trademark rights against any potential infringement.

12. Renew Your Trademark: – Colorado trademark registrations are valid for five years and can be renewed for additional five-year periods. Be sure to keep your registration up to date by renewing it when necessary.

Please note that while state-level trademark registration provides protection within Colorado, federal registration with the USPTO offers broader protection, including nationwide coverage. Depending on your business goals, you may want to consider federal registration in addition to a Colorado state trademark registration. Consulting with a trademark attorney can also be beneficial to ensure proper protection of your brand.

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