how to put gas in can-am maverick

how to put gas in can-am maverick
how to put gas in can-am maverick

To put gas in a Can-Am Maverick, you can follow these general steps:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Can-Am Maverick
  • Fuel container with gasoline
  • Gasoline (ensure it’s the appropriate type for your Maverick)
  • Funnel (optional, for easier pouring)


  1. Park the Maverick on a Level Surface:
    • Ensure that the Can-Am Maverick is parked on a level surface with the engine turned off. Engage the parking brake for added safety.
  2. Locate the Fuel Tank:
    • Identify the location of the fuel tank on your Can-Am Maverick. The fuel tank may be located in different places depending on the model and year of your Maverick. Common locations include under the rear cargo area or between the front and rear seats.
  3. Remove the Fuel Cap:
    • If your Maverick has a fuel cap, remove it by turning it counterclockwise. Some Maverick models may have a twist-off cap, while others may have a latch or release mechanism.
  4. Open the Fuel Container:
    • Ensure that your fuel container is open and ready for pouring.
  5. Insert the Fuel Nozzle:
    • Carefully insert the fuel nozzle into the Maverick’s fuel tank opening. Be cautious not to spill gasoline during this process.
  6. Begin Pouring Gasoline:
    • Squeeze the handle of the fuel nozzle to start pouring gasoline into the fuel tank. Make sure to pour the gasoline slowly and steadily to avoid spills.
  7. Monitor the Fuel Level:
    • Keep an eye on the fuel level inside the Maverick’s tank. Most Maverick models have a transparent or semi-transparent fuel tank, making it easy to see when it’s full.
  8. Stop Pouring When Full:
    • When the fuel tank is full, stop pouring gasoline immediately. Avoid overfilling, as it can lead to fuel spillage and potential damage to the vehicle.
  9. Replace the Fuel Cap:
    • If your Maverick has a fuel cap, securely replace it by turning it clockwise until it’s tight. Ensure it’s properly sealed to prevent any gasoline odors or leaks.
  10. Dispose of Any Spilled Gasoline Safely:
    • If any gasoline spills during the filling process, clean it up promptly and dispose of it in accordance with local regulations for hazardous materials.
  11. Wash Hands:
    • After handling gasoline, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to remove any gasoline residue.
  12. Inspect for Leaks:
    • After filling the fuel tank, visually inspect the area around the fuel tank and fuel lines for any signs of leaks or gasoline odors. If you detect any issues, do not start the engine, and consult a qualified technician for inspection and repair.

Always use caution when handling gasoline to ensure safety and prevent environmental contamination. Follow the specific instructions in your Can-Am Maverick’s owner’s manual for any model-specific recommendations regarding fueling.

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