how to remote start subaru ascent


To remotely start a Subaru Ascent, you’ll need to use the key fob that came with your vehicle if it’s equipped with a remote start feature. Here are the general steps for remote starting a Subaru Ascent:

Note: These instructions are based on general guidelines for Subaru vehicles. Your specific Subaru Ascent model and year may have slight variations in the process, so it’s essential to consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the most accurate instructions.

Steps to Remote Start a Subaru Ascent:

  1. Ensure Safe Conditions:
    • Make sure your Subaru Ascent is parked in a safe location, and there are no obstacles or people in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.
  2. Check the Key Fob:
    • Ensure that your key fob is within the required range for remote start, typically within approximately 100 feet.
  3. Lock the Vehicle:
    • Press the “Lock” button on your key fob to lock the doors and activate the vehicle’s security system.
  4. Activate Remote Start:
    • To activate the remote start, press the “Remote Start” button on your key fob. This button may have an icon that resembles a circular arrow or a “start” symbol. Some Subaru models may require you to press the “Lock” button first, followed by the “Remote Start” button.
  5. Observe the Vehicle:
    • After pressing the “Remote Start” button, the vehicle’s lights should flash, and the engine should start. The climate control system may also engage to reach the preset temperature settings, if applicable.
  6. Approach the Vehicle:
    • When you’re ready to drive, approach the vehicle, and press the “Unlock” button on your key fob to deactivate the remote start.
  7. Enter and Start the Engine:
    • Once inside the vehicle, insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “On” or “Run” position. Depress the brake pedal, and then turn the key to the “Start” position to start the engine.

Additional Tips:

  • The engine will typically run for a preset duration (e.g., 15 minutes) when using remote start. After this period, it will automatically shut off if you don’t enter and start the vehicle.
  • Some Subaru Ascent models may offer additional features and customization options for remote start settings. Refer to your owner’s manual to learn more about these features.

Remember to always use remote start in a safe and responsible manner, adhering to local laws and regulations. Never leave your vehicle unattended while it’s running, and be cautious when using remote start in extreme weather conditions to avoid overheating or freezing the vehicle’s interior. Always refer to your specific vehicle’s owner’s manual for detailed instructions and information on the remote start feature.

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