how to put dodge ram in neutral


Putting a Dodge Ram into neutral is a straightforward process. However, the specific steps may vary slightly depending on the model year and transmission type (automatic or manual). Here are the general steps for both transmission types:

For Automatic Transmission:

  1. Ensure the Vehicle is On:
    • Start your Dodge Ram and let it run.
  2. Press the Brake Pedal:
    • Depress the brake pedal firmly with your foot. This is a safety measure to prevent the vehicle from accidentally shifting out of gear.
  3. Locate the Gear Shifter:
    • Look for the gear shifter in the center console or on the steering column. In most modern Dodge Ram trucks, it will be on the center console.
  4. Move the Shifter to Neutral:
    • With your foot still on the brake pedal, move the gear shifter from “Park” to “Neutral.” You may need to push the shifter button or release mechanism to move it out of “Park.”
  5. Release the Brake Pedal:
    • Once the shifter is in the “Neutral” position, you can release the brake pedal. The vehicle is now in neutral, and the engine can run without the wheels being engaged.

For Manual Transmission:

  1. Start the Vehicle:
    • Start your Dodge Ram with a manual transmission.
  2. Press the Clutch Pedal:
    • Depress the clutch pedal with your foot. This is necessary to disengage the engine from the wheels.
  3. Move the Gear Shifter to Neutral:
    • While holding the clutch pedal down, move the gear shifter to the “Neutral” position. The gears are now disengaged.
  4. Release the Clutch Pedal:
    • Once the shifter is in “Neutral,” you can release the clutch pedal. The vehicle is now in neutral, and the engine is disconnected from the wheels.

Important Notes:

  • Always exercise caution when shifting a vehicle into neutral, especially when the engine is running. Ensure you have a good reason to do so, such as towing the vehicle or starting it without moving.
  • When towing a Dodge Ram with an automatic transmission, consult the owner’s manual for specific towing instructions. Some models may require a neutral tow mode to avoid damaging the transmission.
  • Shifting a vehicle into neutral while driving is generally not recommended and can be dangerous. Always follow safe driving practices and obey traffic laws.

Please refer to your specific Dodge Ram model’s owner’s manual for any model-specific instructions or safety precautions, as the procedure may vary slightly depending on the year and trim level of your vehicle.

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