how to put dodge ram in neutral with dead battery


Putting a Dodge Ram in neutral when the battery is dead can be challenging because the usual method involves using electrical components like the shift interlock solenoid. However, you can still manually shift the vehicle into neutral in most cases. Here’s how to do it:

For Vehicles with an Automatic Transmission:

  1. Access the Shifter Lever:
    • Locate the center console in your Dodge Ram, where the gear shifter is located. Remove any covers or trim pieces that may be concealing the shifter.
  2. Locate the Shift Lock Override:
    • Look for a small slot or cover near the base of the gear shifter. This slot is usually designed for a key or a tool. In some Dodge Rams, it’s a small plastic cover that can be removed.
  3. Insert a Tool:
    • Find a tool that fits into the slot, such as a small screwdriver, a key, or a flathead screwdriver. Insert the tool firmly into the slot.
  4. Press the Brake Pedal:
    • Depress the brake pedal with your foot. This step is necessary to release the shift interlock mechanism.
  5. Shift to Neutral:
    • While pressing the brake pedal and keeping the tool inserted into the slot, move the gear shifter to the “Neutral” position. You may need to wiggle the shifter slightly while doing this.
  6. Release the Brake Pedal:
    • Once the gear shifter is in “Neutral,” you can release the brake pedal. The vehicle is now in neutral and can be moved.

For Vehicles with a Manual Transmission:

  1. Locate the Gear Shifter:
    • Find the gear shifter in the center console or on the steering column.
  2. Press the Clutch Pedal:
    • If your Dodge Ram has a manual transmission, depress the clutch pedal with your foot. This disengages the engine from the wheels.
  3. Move the Shifter to Neutral:
    • While holding the clutch pedal down, move the gear shifter to the “Neutral” position. The gears are now disengaged.
  4. Release the Clutch Pedal:
    • Once the shifter is in “Neutral,” you can release the clutch pedal. The vehicle is now in neutral.

Please keep in mind that shifting a vehicle into neutral when the battery is dead should only be done when absolutely necessary, such as when you need to move the vehicle for towing or safety reasons. Once the vehicle is in neutral, you can push it or tow it to a safe location or jump-start the battery to restore power to the electrical components.

Additionally, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for any specific instructions or precautions related to shifting into neutral with a dead battery, as the procedure may vary slightly depending on the model and year of your Dodge Ram.

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