how to put ak dust cover back on


Putting the dust cover back on an AK-style rifle can be a straightforward process. The dust cover is designed to be removable for maintenance and cleaning. Here are the steps to put an AK dust cover back on:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • AK-style rifle
  • Dust cover
  • Hammer (optional)
  • Punch (optional)


  1. Ensure Safety:
    • Before working on your firearm, ensure it is unloaded and the magazine is removed. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, and follow all firearm safety rules.
  2. Inspect the Dust Cover:
    • Examine the dust cover to ensure it is in good condition and free of any debris or obstructions.
  3. Align the Dust Cover:
    • Hold the AK rifle so that the rear sight block and the rear trunnion are aligned. The dust cover should be in the correct orientation, with the hinge at the rear.
  4. Insert the Rear Tang:
    • Slide the rear tang of the dust cover into the rear trunnion. This tang is the curved metal piece at the back of the dust cover that acts as a hinge. It should fit snugly into the trunnion.
  5. Press Down on the Dust Cover:
    • Use your hand to press down on the front end of the dust cover. Apply firm, even pressure to ensure it seats properly.
  6. Tap the Dust Cover (if needed):
    • In some cases, the dust cover may require a gentle tap with a rubber mallet or the palm of your hand to fully seat it. Be cautious not to use excessive force, as the dust cover should slide into place relatively easily.
  7. Check for Proper Fit:
    • Once the dust cover is in place, check that it is secure and properly seated. Ensure that the dust cover does not wobble or come loose when the rifle is handled.
  8. Function Check:
    • Perform a function check to ensure the dust cover is correctly installed. Cycle the action (pull back and release the charging handle) and make sure the dust cover remains in place.
  9. Safety Check:
    • Finally, perform a safety check to ensure the firearm is safe to handle and that the dust cover has not affected the operation of the safety or other controls.
  10. Test Fire (if necessary):
    • If you are assembling the rifle for use at the range, it’s essential to test fire it to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Follow all firearm safety rules when doing so.

Remember that improper installation of the dust cover can affect the firearm’s reliability and safety. If you encounter difficulties or have any concerns about the installation, consider seeking assistance from a knowledgeable gunsmith or firearms expert. Additionally, always follow your local laws and regulations regarding firearms ownership and use.

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