how to change tyres in assetto corsa


In the racing simulation game Assetto Corsa, you cannot change tires during a race or session like you might in some other racing games. Assetto Corsa focuses on providing a realistic driving experience, and part of that realism means that tire changes are not a feature in the game.

Here’s how tire management generally works in Assetto Corsa:

  1. Tire Wear: During a race or session, your car’s tires will naturally wear down as you drive. This means that your car’s handling characteristics may change as the tires wear, affecting grip and performance.
  2. Pit Stops: If you’re playing a game mode or race scenario that includes pit stops (e.g., in a championship or career mode), you may have the option to make pit stops for other reasons, such as refueling or repairing damage. However, changing tires is typically not an option during these pit stops.
  3. Tire Choice: Before starting a race or session, you can choose the type of tires you want to use. You’ll typically have options like “Soft,” “Medium,” and “Hard” tires, each with different levels of grip and durability. It’s essential to choose the right tire compound for the conditions and the length of the race.
  4. Tire Pressure: Some cars in Assetto Corsa allow you to adjust tire pressure in the setup menu. Properly adjusting tire pressure can help optimize grip and handling.
  5. Manage Tire Temperature: Assetto Corsa models tire temperature, so it’s essential to manage your driving style to keep tires within their optimal temperature range. Driving too aggressively can overheat the tires and affect grip.

Remember that Assetto Corsa is known for its realism, and tire management is a crucial aspect of achieving success in races. You’ll need to adapt your driving style and strategy to get the most out of your tires over the course of a race.

If you’re looking for more specific information on tire strategy for a particular car or track in Assetto Corsa, you may want to consult online guides or communities dedicated to the game, as they often provide detailed insights and tips for maximizing tire performance.